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Furniture Manufacturing Service

Furniture manufacturing is probably the most important element of our company and for that reason, it’s a very personalized service.

If you’re looking into recovering a furniture item, then obviously you know what you’ve got and you know what to expect and you could consider using our recovery service

With furniture manufacturing it is the unknown because you don’t have the opportunity to sit in or pre-sit in it or try it, so it’s first based on a picture, an image, or a thought.

The process for us is quite thorough, it goes from the inception of sitting down with you and going through what you want manufactured or discuss any ideas that you have. We compliment the process with our CAD drawing service,  and then onto to the manufacturing process.

The furniture manufacturing process is really, really important and one that we take very seriously. You have the option of whatever timber you’d like to use, whether it be hard wood, pine, it can be built out of certain materials. Then there’s also the comfort level, so we talk about different grades of foam, the comfort levels and about the springs, the system that sits within it, and then obviously, the fabric being the main product, the thing that we all see, feel, and touch.

Our furniture manufacturing is broken into a three stage process:

1. Once the frame is manufactured, you are invited to come into our factory and have a look at your furniture item. We would sign off at that point to make sure that you’re happy with the structure of your furniture item.

2. Then we will invite you to come back again to do a comfort test. That comfort test would guarantee that you’re sitting in something that you feel totally comfortable with prior to it getting into your home because there’s nothing worse than us saying, “Okay, here’s the picture, here’s the item”, then have it delivered and you’re not happy with certain elements of it. This is a guaranteed process.

3. The fabric is something that you’re able to come and select and inspect while your furniture item, whether it be an ottoman, modular or anything is being manufactured. Again, the importance of your happiness is huge. It is how we’ve built our reputation.

It’s been very much something that we’re very proud of. It may seem like an elongated process but it’s extremely important to make sure that when that item is delivered to you, the utmost importance is given to that item and you are totally happy as a client because that’s what we try to achieve.

Frequently Asked Questions about our Furniture Manufacturing service

Do you custom make any furniture item?

The most frequently asked question we receive is do we custom-make any furniture items, the answer is yes, whatever idea that you have, you could email that to us or you could come into our office and have a discussion.

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What types of bedroom furniture do you manufacture?

The type of bedroom furniture we manufacture is not only bed heads but also bed surrounds, in other words, upholstered bed bases, so that’s your mattress and ensemble, would fit within the area of the upholstered bed frame.

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What is upholstered wall paneling?

Upholstered wall paneling is a craze that has probably hit and it’s been a good five to six years and I find that in today’s ever-increasing, fast environment and in the pace that we live in, a lot of men like to and a lot of wives obviously like to escape into a theater room.

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What Lounge Room furniture do you manufacture?

There is a whole range of furniture that we do manufacture for the lounge room. If you can obviously provide or if you have any indication on the items you require, then we have a list of all images of furniture items that we provided in the past and that will range from modular lounge to 2-seater and 3-seater lounges to armchairs and tub chairs.

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2 x Lounges & 1 x Side Table were manufactured for a hotel foyer. A nice combination of fabrics that allow a freshen-up to a tiled floor & surroundings. Wide 275mm arms on this lounge design with large polished timber legs give the design a solid presence. Dunlop Enduro seat & back foams with a sprung base makes for a very comfortable seating experience. Great result & a hard wearing solution for a high traffic area!! #custommadefurniture #lounge #lounges #upholstery #upholsterers #furnituredesigners #happyclient #freshenup ... See MoreSee Less

12 hours ago  ·  

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Velvet Wing Chairs:
The design of these wing chairs was requested after providing similar chairs to the same client on a previous job. They were so happy with the first set of chairs that they requested more of them.
These chairs were covered in a beautiful Warwick Velvet. Again the emphasis was on comfort, back support & design!!!
The frame, comfort & longevity in our furniture products are always our main focus. Comfort inspections are critical to ensure the client is getting exactly what they asked for... #custommadefurniture #wingchair #happyclient #velvetchair
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1 week ago  ·  

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2 x Wing Chairs:
Manufactured for our designer clientele these Wing Chairs look stunning....
Hardwood internal structure with Enduro comfort foams, they felt amazing to sit in. A real statement for any fireplace, library or lounge room.
Warwick Lustrell product was used to cover the Wing Chairs with some studding work to highlight the design.
The designer & client were very happy. #custommadefurniture #happyclient #upholstery #wingchair
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2 weeks ago  ·  

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8 x Dining Chairs completed for a client in Seabrook VIC.
The dining chairs were a very heavy timber orientated back. Structurally very strong and definitely worth retaining. The client wanted a fully upholstered chair and had trouble finding what they wanted in fabric colour and design. As per the photos of the before, during works and completion photos, we were able to simply add a small arch to the top of the existing frames, add some very comfortable foam padding and add the clients fabric of choice. The lovely studding on the back of the chair highlights a classy finish.
All this was very easy to achieve and shows how easy it is to transform your furniture into what you want.
The client was overwhelmed with the result.....
#happyclient #upholstery #modifiedfurniture
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1 month ago  ·  

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This tub chair design was again provided by the crew at Open Projects. As an additional scope of required items for their Griffin Group project, we were required to get the comfort, sizing and design to the customers satisfaction. Through comfort testing and design, we were able to get this chair spot on.....a very comfortable yet aesthetically difficult design to manufacture.
Great work once again. #custommadefurniture #happyclient #openprojects
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2 months ago  ·  

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