Custom Made Head Boards

Custom made head boards are an excellent way of adding softness to your room. Whilst also providing an acoustic solution a padded head board allows for a designer fabric or decorative touch.

The padding and thickness of the head board can be tailored to what you want as well as proving extra comfort. Whether the shape of the head board is square or shaped you can provide any size or dimension as we can manufacture to specification.








There are two types of head boards that we can provide.

The first option being a simple cleat or split batten that will attach to your wall. Our service includes coming to your home or location to install the cleat/split batten to the wall with minimal fuss that will allow your new padded head board to be hung like a picture frame.

The second option would be to simply have a free standing padded head board. When manufacturing the head board we install legs at the base of the head board that can be covered in the same fabric or painted so it can sit behind your bed without attaching anything to your walls.

Pacific Furniture Design & Upholstery have been manufacturing custom head boards for over 25 years and we would be delighted to either provide a new manufactured furniture piece for your home or work with your design and achieve your desired idea.

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