Our Manufactured Products Consist Of:

Hardwood and structural Ply framing.

Our Hardwood used in manufacture process is Victorian Ash. Victorian Ash Hardwood is supplied in all main frame structures of the seating areas, arm supports & of all dining chair frames. Structural Ply is supplied in all side wall framing of Lounges & Arm Chairs.

Commercial quality foams (15 year warranty).

Dunlop Foams are a leader in the foam supply market. Pacific Furniture Design & Upholstery use Dunlop Enduro foams throughout their products during manufacture or when recovering of furniture. Our company is able to supply several options in the comfort inspections provided below that enable you to tailor your comfort to your needs. Whether it be a firm seat or soft seat, firm back or soft back we can provide it!

Fibre filled cushions.

Fibre filled cushions are generally used as a back cushion support alternative. If you do not like the options of a feather back or a foam back cushion then the Fibre filled cushion is a very soft alternative also.

Spring seat systems & Sofa Bed mechanisms.

Whether you prefer a full sprung seating edge or a coil spring seating system, we can tailor the seating to your comfort requirements. Our Sofa Bed mechanisms are of a commercial quality & comprise of a 100mm inner spring mattress that is fantastic to sleep on a permanent basis.

All frames are screw & glue joints.

We take care in ensuring all the furniture joints are glued with construction timber glue & then screwed together for optimum strength.

Our frames carry a 15 year guarantee.

Feather filled cushions.

We are able to provide several different options in this area:

  • Full 100% Duck Feather fill or Goose Down fill.
  • A combination of 50% Duck Feather fill & Fibre fill.
  • Feather fill wrap cushion with a foam core (so you don`t have to plump them up as much).

Luxura comfort foams.

Luxura foams are the best comfort available on the market today! The Luxura foam structure comprises of 100mm of  Dunlop Enduro foam core with a Hyper-soft foam layer wrap on the top & bottom of the foam core. This combination of fantastic comfort seating is provided with a Lifetime Guarantee from Dunlop Foams. All our foams come with certificate warranty cards once it is completed & delivered.

We provide a 3-stage inspection process at our company premises;

  1. Frame Inspection.
  2. Comfort Inspection.
  3. Pre-Delivery Inspection.

The inspection process enables you to be completely satisfied with your Custom Made or Upholstered Furniture before it is delivered!

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