CAD drawing design work

When clients, commercial or residential, come to us, and they want a piece of furniture manufactured, it’s very important that we do a CAD design drawing that really indicates and illustrates exactly the sizing of that furniture item that’s being built.

Whether that design is something that you come to us about, and you decide that this is exactly what we want or whether it’s a design that we could put forward to you, we think it’s very essential that those dimensions and that drawing illustrates exactly what you are receiving.

Once that drawing is done and you have a copy of it, then obviously that is a sign-off scenario so that everyone is understanding of the dimensions, so that when your furniture item goes into our furniture manufacturing process, there are changes that can be made quite simply.

It’s really a service that enables you to understand that it’s not just a picture and then the item is produced. There is a lot of work that goes into getting that finish right and manufactured, so we are more than happy to provide that service for you.