What is upholstered wall paneling?

Upholstered wall paneling is a craze that has probably hit and it’s been a good five to six years and I find that in today’s ever-increasing, fast environment and in the pace that we live in, a lot of men like to and a lot of wives obviously like to escape into a theater room.

So whether it be wall paneling for acoustic purposes, it’s a really, really good option and a lot nicer in larger or whether in a small theater room or whether it be wall paneling in the bedroom that is used as a bed head so that whole back wall could be wall paneled with a with upholstered finish or whether it be just a feature wall that sits in the lounge room. That is a service that we will provide, so essentially it is panels that get attached to the wall so as I said that can be done in the theater room, lounge room, anywhere.

Incorporating in theater rooms, we would obviously provide recliners and U-shape lounges or whatever seeking that you would want but, it just seems to be a really good solution for a wall finish in terms of whether you decide to go some sort of paint finish or whether you want to go wallpaper finish, the upholster paneling is actually quite cheap and it’s very affordable and a great solution.