What options are there for comfort levels?

Alot of questions that are asked when we’re going through the furniture manufacturing and the recovery process, is “what comfort levels or  what options do you have?”

Invariably when we get a recovery item in whether it be a lounge or a chair, most times you find that the seat foam and the back foam or the arms need to be beefed up or plumped up or need to be replaced. We cannot stress enough that the comfort is the most important thing of any furniture item and that’s obviously the reason why you’re looking to get it recovered or purchase a new piece of furniture so it’s very imperative.

We have different grades of foam so those grades obviously go from soft all the way to firm and you have that choice selection when you come into the factory and do an inspection, but if you happen to live in to state and you’re looking at a new furniture item that needs to be manufactured, then you know we would go through a bit of a briefing process to say there’s the soft, medium, firm and we’ll be able to work through that process together, but you do have the option to come into the factory and sit on it. We use Dunlop Enduro foams which are very good quality foams with a 15-year guarantee on your foam and comfort. You also then have the option instead of going from foam you can have a feather and fiber feel so you know which is a real plush and very comfortable feeling. There is also a feather foam core so in other words there is a foam core in the center with a feather line around the outside which gives the the cushion that you’re sitting on or leaning against a little bit more structure but also has premium comfort with it.

Underneath all that which is the the seating or the foam that you’re sitting on is obviously the springs and waving so again that is the basis as to watch you’re sitting on so all these levels we take very, very seriously and we obviously provide you with plenty of those options for you to make a decision.