The Big Brother project was again very interesting & fun to do this year.

Our company has manufactured the furniture for the house since the shows inception. There was an amazing scope of design ideas & fabric selections again this year. From the Diary Room Chair (gold wings) to the lounge room to the outdoor furniture.

The designers are a pleasure to deal with & allow us the scope to deal with complex design & freedom to produce. Our talented team manufacturers allow us to build almost anything.

We were requested to manufacture 7 x Dairy Room Chairs & Wings so they could placed in strategic states of Australia for promotional purposes. The chairs & wings were manufactured by our team using some incredible ingenuity. The main lounge was a massive 14 seater lounge that allowed complete functionality & comfort with the design element in consideration. The bed rooms required bed heads & cushions, the bathroom & living areas required functional ottomans, the outdoor furniture required cushion upholstery.

“Thank you” to the Big Brother Show management in again believing in our team.