Recovery Of Interior, Marine & Outdoor Furniture

The idea of furniture recovery is looking at the options of, either manufacturing new items or recovery of your existing furniture, and determining which is best for your circumstances.

Furniture recovery normally is a very good option, providing that the quality of your furniture is very, very good, and structurally sound. The recovery process normally entails us coming out and seeing you, or you sending us a photo or an email, with your item so that we can calculate, give you an approximate figure, or in the home situation, give you an exact figure of how many meters are required to re-cover the furniture item, and then the labor content cost to actually do the job, so that will gives you a total package price.

The process is very, very easy. It’s essentially stripping the furniture down, doing a template of the fabric that comes off that item, stenciling as I said, and recovering it.

Once the recovery process is taking place, there are a lot of elements that are looked at whilst your item is being recovered, and that includes the foam, the webbing, the springs, and pretty much the whole make and build of that furniture item.

If there is ever any question in relation to structure, padding, and so forth, we would contact you in advance and inform you that we have a specific item that needs attending to, so that you are are fully aware of the process at every stage of the furniture recovery process.

It’s not just a case of us recovering an item and getting it back to you and just being happy with that. That service is definitely a very, very big part of what we provide.

The recovery of furniture or the manufacture of new furniture is a very personalised project to go through. We therefore give YOU the client the upmost respect & importance as you would expect.

The comfort is also one of the most important parts of the job. Dunlop Enduro Foams are supplied throughout our manufactured furniture. Comfort inspections are offered for both new manufactured items as well as recovery items within our factory to offer you complete satisfaction before you receive your furniture. Fabric companies like Warwick Fabrics, Zepel Fabrics & Wortley Fabrics offer warranties on their fabric ranges.

As well as recovering indoor items, we do outdoor furniture items as well, whether it be marine or patio-area furniture or anything like that. We also do large commercial jobs, and that might be from hotels and clubs and pubs and so forth. Our service is quite broad. We provide our furniture recovery service Australia-wide.

Our workmanship is guaranteed for a period of 15 years.

If you have any questions, or you would like to find out more about our furniture recovery service, please phone 1300 030 318.