Scotchguarding is the process of applying a layer of chemical spray over a leather or fabric lounge to protect it from stains, spills, and wear and tear.

Scotchguarding, is an interesting topic, because a lot of clients don’t actually know whether there’s true value in Scotchguarding. The fabric market is quite an ever-changing one, so some fabrics do come pre-Scotchguarded with a fiber-care or a fiber-protection pack with it.

When fabric is rolled in the mill, it’s actually pre-protected. Otherwise, it’s a service that we can provide, or we can provide a service for you to contact another party to get that done.

Ideally, Scotchguarding is a 3M product. It is definitely worthwhile doing, because it provides a coating on the fabric that, if any spill is to occur, whether it be wine, or it could be a stain like chocolate or anything like that, the Scotchguard doesn’t allow that particular liquid or stain to sink within to the fibers of the fabric. When it does get cleaned, an stains come out a lot easier and doesn’t seep right in and stain the fabric permanently.

It’s very hard to cost, because it’s not done on a spray-per-square meterage, it’s done on a per-item cost, so we would be able to provide a quote for you or provide someone that could provide a quote directly on to you.

Please feel free to contact us about our Scotchguarding service.