Chair Manufacturer

When you can’t find what you want, when you want something special and unique to fit the environment and décor, we’re the people to come to.

For over 35 years, we’ve been working with discerning clients who trust us to make chairs that look amazing, and comfortable to sit in and keep their looks and style for many years.

The added value of our products stems from personalised design, a wide range of colours and adaptability. This is something our clients especially appreciate. We are highly adaptable, and our guiding principle is to tailor chairs to the needs of customers, or to design chairs that are ideal for our customers.

Information from our potential customers, their wishes and needs, is crucial in our manufacturing of the right chair. Every piece of information about what they want and expect of the finished product is taken into consideration.

We pay close attention to the dimensions and requirements of their work or home space. In the final phase, the customers select the image of their final product, foam density and fabric. We make sure every box is ticked so that our customers receive the highest quality product and that every part of their requirements are met.

Having our factories located in both Melbourne and the Gold Coast, means that we are able to maintain high quality control, offer customisation and flexibility of design, as well as some of the shortest lead times in the industry.

Our business model may not be main stream, but we are more than just a production company: we are a processing company in the classic sense of the word. We focus on development, details, production optimisation, high quality and services.

So when you want something special or you can’t find the chair you are looking for, we’re the people to call. Our number is 1300 030 318 Call us now.